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Posted on 3 May 2017


Kids Hope Mentor and student"Late last Year one of the mentors said to me, 'sometimes I wonder if I make a differnce'. I answered, 'of course you make a difference', and left it at that. However, when I was asked to speak today I actually sat down and took time to reflect on the program. I know you make a difference.


I HEAR when the kids are laughing of talking and interacting with their mentor. I hear it when the students ask me, usually for the third time when they come to my door usually the day before their mentor is due, checking to make sure their mentor is coming. They suggest that I should ring just to check. 

I HEAR IT when I have parents and students asking me for a KID'S HIPE MENTOR. I remember when one of our mentors said, 'I think I should give my student a different mentor, someone younger who could shoot hoops with them'. I said 'ok I will ask their particular student, but I don't think they will want to'. When I suggested the idea to our student their answer was 'NO, I love Pat'. Hence, we didn't change their mentor.

I SEE IT when I walk into the staff room and the student is baking something (sausage rolls are my favourite) and they don't even know I am there because they are so engaged in what they are doing.

I SEE it when the students are building a tower together with their mentor of shooting hoops, or learning how to play a board game. 

I SEE IT WHEN I LOOK AT MY WAITING LIST of the children who need a mentor. I see the disappointment in the student's face when I tell them that their mentor can't make it this week. But most importantly, I see it in the positive change in the behaviour of our students over time.

I FEEL IT as I walk around the school, the happiness in seeing adult caring about our students. The program is an integral part of our school. It is inter-wovern in the fabric of our school. For one hour a week the mentors make our students feel SPECIAL and important. FOR ONE HOUR a week another PERSON CARES ABOUT THEM. Mentoring helps young people succeed in school, work, and life. THANK YOU from GIVING OUR KIDS......HOPE".


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