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Posted on 3 May 2017

Biggest Morning Tea

Sandra is looking for Pink and Yellow umbrellas to use as props for this year's biggest morning tea. She would love to hear from you if you've got one!

First aid course

We are looking at offering a first aid course at The Wave in April or May 2017. In order to negotiate the best price we need to know numbers. If you are interested in attending this course, please write you name down on the first aid training list at the Help Desk, or call the office 5255 1378 or email We will then contact you when we have further details.

Upcoming Short Course - A Taste of Israel

Ever wanted to know more about Israel in biblical times? Well here is your opportunity! The Term 2 short course begins on Tuesday 2nd May at 7pm and covers that very topic. Continuing for fice consecutive Tuesday evenings, 'A taste of Israel' provides exposure to the land, history, geography and culture of biblical Israel.

Alvin Johnson who is delivering the course has travelled extensively to Israel and brings a wealth of material to this course. This course will be held at the RTC Resource Centre in Geelong. Cost is $60 per person and supper is included.

To secure your spot, please book online at 


 Missions news.....


Thanks to Andrew and Kerry and all those who support Compassion Australia. After the service last week another 11 Children will be released from poverty and get to hear about the love of Jesus.


An update from Robyn;

Morning, just thought I would send a snapshot of my day so far. 11am here.

  • Maggie (one of our Positive Group ladies) has been with a letter she has had since January to say to go to the hospital for eye treatment, She can hardly see, eyes weeping and the sunlight stinging her. No transport money until now. No treatment for a leg ulcer so have helped.
  • A 67 year old just recently told she is HIV positive walked 2 HOURS one way to ask if she could join our group.
  • (The) Chituka nursery school committee walked almost as far to check on progress of a school building. They reminded me that they first asked in 2013, had good news for them to say that money has been raised!
  • About to go and greet our HIV group ladies, they are an amazing group of caring women.
  • Homesweeper Magpies came to great me last night. Again great group of men. Big game tomorrow (Sunday) will let you know how they go.
  • Mr Beans ambulance at the Nkhata Bay hospital. Called in there on my way home the other day to see one of the men from the village. (Thank you that I could leave a gift to help).

To help Robyn do all this wonderful work, if you have any loose change could you drop it into the Mphatso jar on the mission table. Also there is a movie night fund raiser coming up soon. more details later. 

Amelia (Discipleship Training School with YWAM)

Has just come back from her first medical outreach in Fiji. Thanks to all who prayed for her. This is an update from one of the Fijian leaders.

"We just returned from our first medical outreach as a school the other day! We went to the beautiful Rukurukulevu cilliage and it was a really wonderful week. We've seen about 500 patients but what excites us and encourage (sic) that 36 people accepted Jesus into their heart. We are so blessed to be working with this ministry in reaching out to people in my own (sic). We sense God was with us all throughout the week and so blessed to serve our team through our cooking and seeing them not sick in our cooking (sic). We are still learning every day.

This week we will have to continue our lecture phase the another outreach. And we are looking forward for another 2 weeks medical outreach then going to Samoa. We are also praying for our airfare going to Samoa and if God will, we will be with the team.














Garage Sale

Posted on 3 May 2017

 On May 6th we will be holding a garage sale in support of 'Educating Africa'.

Upcoming garage sale's will be for Sight Magazine on June 1st and and Barn's family on July 8th. 


Kids Hope

Posted on 3 May 2017


Kids Hope Mentor and student"Late last Year one of the mentors said to me, 'sometimes I wonder if I make a differnce'. I answered, 'of course you make a difference', and left it at that. However, when I was asked to speak today I actually sat down and took time to reflect on the program. I know you make a difference.


I HEAR when the kids are laughing of talking and interacting with their mentor. I hear it when the students ask me, usually for the third time when they come to my door usually the day before their mentor is due, checking to make sure their mentor is coming. They suggest that I should ring just to check. 

I HEAR IT when I have parents and students asking me for a KID'S HIPE MENTOR. I remember when one of our mentors said, 'I think I should give my student a different mentor, someone younger who could shoot hoops with them'. I said 'ok I will ask their particular student, but I don't think they will want to'. When I suggested the idea to our student their answer was 'NO, I love Pat'. Hence, we didn't change their mentor.

I SEE IT when I walk into the staff room and the student is baking something (sausage rolls are my favourite) and they don't even know I am there because they are so engaged in what they are doing.

I SEE it when the students are building a tower together with their mentor of shooting hoops, or learning how to play a board game. 

I SEE IT WHEN I LOOK AT MY WAITING LIST of the children who need a mentor. I see the disappointment in the student's face when I tell them that their mentor can't make it this week. But most importantly, I see it in the positive change in the behaviour of our students over time.

I FEEL IT as I walk around the school, the happiness in seeing adult caring about our students. The program is an integral part of our school. It is inter-wovern in the fabric of our school. For one hour a week the mentors make our students feel SPECIAL and important. FOR ONE HOUR a week another PERSON CARES ABOUT THEM. Mentoring helps young people succeed in school, work, and life. THANK YOU from GIVING OUR KIDS......HOPE".

Did you know?

Posted on 20 March 2017

A new 'Mums & Bubs' group had recently commenced, meeting at The Wave on Thursday afternoons fortnightly and is being run by Naomi Pidd and Debbie Torrence. We have over 20 Life groups happening around the life the the church which is a real answer to prayer. If you are not in any of our groups, please contact Pastor Greg.



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