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August News

Posted on 27 July 2017

Parenting Course

We are really blessed to have Gill Hodgson facilitating the 'Connected Parenting' course over two friday nights at The Wave. On July 28th & a fortnight later, August 11th at 7:30, we will be exploring a nuber of important topics about being parents and giving you a chance to think about your children, your parenting and how we can provide our children with the experiences you want for them as they grow up.

These two nights also provide you with a great excuss to book a baby sitter and go out for tea before hand!!

Are We Friends on Facebook?

"The Wave Community - Ocean Grove Baptist Church" is a private facebook group where Wave attenders can share prayer points, testimony, and encouraging words with each other. We also use this page to communicate pastoral needs to the wider church. So, if you're part of the Wave, hit us up with a friend request to join and we'll see you there!  

Missions news.....

The container arrived in Mzuzu of Friday but had to wait for a crane to be avaliable. There was no crane big enough so the container had to be emptied for the crane to lift if off the truch, They had lots of helpers from the workman across the road. The Arny will come with a crane to take the container - they said they would do this for free.

Thankyou to everyone for your prayer support and contributio to this being made possible. God has certainly gone before us and looked afterus. We look forward to seeing how far the blessings go!

Unloading the contianer


Mphatso Gala Night

 Gala night flyer














Garage Sale

Posted on 27 July 2017

 Upcoming garage sales are for Gayle Renzenbrink who continues in her role as Chaplin in the World Longboard Surfing Championships, and the 10 02 youth program run by Bellarine Estate in Port Arlington.


Kids Hope

Posted on 27 July 2017

Thank You for Making It the Best Birthday Ever

A mentor to his Kids Hope Australia child asked him how was going and Owen said 'OK' which is not what Owen usually responds. David the mentor asked, 'How was your holiday?' Owen said 'OK'. 'Did you go anywhere special? The show, the beach, to see a movie? Owen said no to all of them. he did say that he had seen hos mother's new house which was ok and other than that Owen went nowhere and did nothing. (Owen lives with his Gran). David asked him how his birthday went and he bowed his head and said nothing happened and mum had forgotten his birthday. So, David said, 'Well, let's make it all good' as he pulled out a small cupcake which Owen loves and he put a candle in it and lit it. Owen squealed with delight and said, 'Thank you David, I finally have a cake and I can also blow out my candle'. David then said what is a birthday without a card and a present. Owen was overwhelmed when he opened his gift and it was a put together rally car which he and David make. Thereafter, Owen painted it and put the transfers on it to finish it in time to take home. As Owen was running back to class he said, 'David this is the best birthday ever', then he rushes into class saying to his teacher and class mates; 'look what David and I made for my birthday', he was so excited.

Did you know?

Posted on 27 July 2017

Did you know that through the clothes we buy, many of us could unknowingly be supporting slavery and the explotation of vulnerable people. Baptist World Aid's highly popular Ethical Fashion Guide 2017 is now avalible. Get your copy from here  



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