In Christ....Power-Full

Vision 2017

2017 sees The Wave setting course in a new direction as we embark on the search on the search for our new senior pastor. This search forms the context of where and how God will be leading us both collectively as a church searching for a new senior pastor, and also as individuals seeking greater intimacy with our loving Father.

This is not a time to 'tread water', & simply wait for the arrival of a new senior pastor, but instead a time the elders believe God has set aside to strengthen the church body at The Wave, through corporate prayer, life groups and teaching the Word of God.

  • Corporate Prayer

In searching for our new pastor, we believe God is challenging the elders to lead the entire community of The Wave in turning to Hi in prayer and fasting, seeking His direction, His voice and discernment during this time of transition. And while some will be called by God into specific roles in finding our new pastor, everyone at The Wave is being called to join together in unity a prayer for our church at this time. The search for the new pastor cannot rest on the shoulder of a few but on the strength of the prayers of all of us.

  • Life Groups

Life groups have always been a significant part of the ministry of The Wave and we feel that God wants to use life groups as the vehicle to draw us into a closer, more loving and nurturing relationship with each other through Him. God has led us to see that life groups are like our heart beat: the strength of our church is seen in the strength of our life groups. So if you're not in a life group, we urge you to prayerfully consider how you might be involved in one.

  • Teaching

This year we will be drawing heavily from the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts as we continue to learn about Jesus and the early church. Both written by Luke: Luke is an investigation into the man who was God, and Acts is an account of the wonderful acts and life of the early church. Together these books reveal that true life is indeed 'In Christ... Power - Full".

As elders, we are excited and expectant about what God has in store for us here at The Wave. While we don't know when this season will come to an end, we know He wants to build us up and strengthen us as a body of believers for the future He has for us. We have a vision of the people of The Wave being a people of prayer; caring and loving one another like never before, and stepping out and 'crossing the line' in bold act of faith empowered by the Holy Spirit. It is our heartfelt prayer that you will join us on this journey of discovery.  


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